As we’re all aware by now, prices for BMW E30 M3 models have gone through the roof lately. Mint models fetch in excess of $100,000 and now we’re even seeing modified cars bring in some pretty high amounts, like the one that was just sold on Bring-A-Trailer this week for a bit under $53,000. Normally, that wouldn’t be a big price for an M3 but that would only apply for a car that was in stock (or as close to as possible) condition. This isn’t the case.

This 1988 was rather heavily modified, I would say, with a long list of changes done to it, that would make it a bit more enjoyable by today’s standards. The ad says the car got Bilstein shocks, Eibach lowering springs, reproduction Startec smoked tail lights, European-market headlights with wipers, a Garagistic front strut bar, a Turner Motorsport performance chip, red Motorsport seat belts, a Dinan muffler, and an AC Schnitzer steering wheel and 17″ multi-piece wheels.

Not the actual car at auction

As if that wasn’t enough, this pretty little silver M3 also has a staggering 176,000 miles on the clock, not that you could tell by the way it looks, though. The interior is absolutely gorgeous and so is the exterior as well. However, in the classic car world, models are worth the extra penny if they have a certain amount of miles (preferably as low as possible) and if they are as bone stock as the day they left the production line.

Now, considering all that’s been done to this car and the $53,000 price tag it comes with, do you think this was a fair price? Somebody definitely did, since the car was sold on BAT, but what about you? Would you get one of these or a new BMW 4 Series? Yes, I said it, I did compare the two, because the truth is, for that kind of money, you can get a new BMW today.