The future of the automotive market can seem bleak for enthusiasts at times. Sports cars seem to be going out of fashion with the vast majority of customers, so automakers are seeing fewer and fewer reasons to sell them. When it comes to emotional sports cars, such as coupes and convertibles, many automakers are looking to thin out their model portfolios, including BMW.

According to Reuters, during a recent discussion with the German Automobilwoche Kongress, BMW CEO Oliver Zipse spoke about which models could be thinned out as the brand tries to streamline its portfolio. “Coupés, convertibles and roadsters, we will see what will be left,” Zipse said.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard automotive executives talk about slimming down their lineups of coupes, convertibles and roadsters. Despite our love for them, as enthusiasts, those sorts of cars just aren’t popular among customers. Most customers want sedans, SUVs and four-door “coupes”, such as the BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe. So brands like BMW don’t see much reason to invest in more two-door coupes and convertibles if customers don’t want to buy them.

During that same discussion, Zipse also spoke about the desire to not only continue BMW’s partnership with Toyota but also expand it. When speaking about the brand’s team-up with the Japanese automotive giant, on projects like hydrogen fuel cells and sports cars, Zipse was enthusiastic. “In the next decades, we would do well to strengthen bonds,” he said.

BMW and Toyota have done some good work together, in terms of hydrogen fuel cells, battery technology and even the BMW Z4/Toyota Supra twins. So it is encouraging to see the two brands wanting to continue their partnership. Hopefully, more great cars come from it.

The next decade or so will be a fascinating one for not only BMW but the entire automotive industry. Brands are going to move away from more emotional cars and toward more pragmatic ones, while also investing in alternative fuel sources. We’re in for one wild ride, that’s for sure.

[Source: Reuters]