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BMW X5 Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Scheduled For 2022, limited run

Earlier today, BMW confirmed once again that a BMW X5 hydrogen fuel-cell SUV will arrive in 2022. The technology “could have the potential to become another pillar in the portfolio of BMW,” Chief Executive Officer…

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BMW Group reaffirms commitment to hydrogen fuel cell technology

BMW announced today its commitment of offering a sustainable hydrogen fuel cell technology in series production vehicles in the near future. According to BMW, the Bavarians are carefully and constructively building a multi-pillar powertrain and…

Fuel-Cell Powered BMW X6 and X7 models coming in a few years

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BMW Still Working on Fuel Cell Vehicles with Toyota

The world seems to be bent on widespread adoption of electric cars. Most people see it as the solution to all our problems in the future, including the changing climate and other issues along the…

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Could BMW use hydrogen to charge its electric cars?

Electric cars are great. Let’s be real for a minute and not be petrol-head fanboys. The idea of a car that runs purely on electricity, has the same range as a gasoline or diesel powered…

BMW 5 series gt hydrogen fuel cell images 30 750x500

BMW Still Working on Hydrogen-Powered Models

The world is apparently convinced right now that the way forward for personal mobility resides in electric vehicles, at least when it comes to the automotive world. However, BMW is not dropping all of the…