BMW Leipzig plant gets fourth hydrogen station, aims to become ‘greener’

BMW X5 with hydrogen fuel tested on public roads

The 2019 Frankfurt Auto Show hosted the world premiere of a BMW X5 with hydrogen fuel cells. The official product name was BMW i Hydrogen Next, a prototype visually aligned with the BMW X5 G05…

BMW X5 fuel cell 2022 01 830x553

BMW X5 Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Scheduled For 2022, limited run

Earlier today, BMW confirmed once again that a BMW X5 hydrogen fuel-cell SUV will arrive in 2022. The technology “could have the potential to become another pillar in the portfolio of BMW,” Chief Executive Officer…

powertrain for the BMW i Hydrogen NEXT 09 830x553

BMW Group reaffirms commitment to hydrogen fuel cell technology

BMW announced today its commitment of offering a sustainable hydrogen fuel cell technology in series production vehicles in the near future. According to BMW, the Bavarians are carefully and constructively building a multi-pillar powertrain and…