There’s good reason for a lot of optimism and excitement for the upcoming BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe. The previous F32-gen 4er GC was a little gem of a car, with great handling, sleek looks, and four-door/hatchback practicality. So, naturally, fans are eagerly waiting the arrival of a new model. While we won’t see the official debut of the next-gen Gran Coupe for a while, some new spy photos have surfaced, showing off the upcoming car in camouflage. (We don’t own the spy photos but they can be seen here)

We won’t talk about the grille, as it’s the same new design as the 4 Series Coupe and it’s been discussed/criticized ad nauseam. Instead, we’re going to talk about the rest of its design, which is actually quite handsome.

From the A-pillar forward, the 4 Series Gran Coupe looks identical to the Coupe. But it’s from that pillar back that’s important. Because the Gran Coupe sports two extra rear doors, its roofline is obviously entirely different. In profile, it’s a much sleeker looking roofline than the previous-gen 4 Series Gran Coupe and looks quite a bit better, to be honest. It’s sportier and less frumpy than the last-gen car, which was already quite good looking.

This new model also has a nice little built-in decklid spoiler, which adds a sporty element to the back end that the previous car didn’t have. It also gives the new 4 Series Gran Coupe a sort of 8 Series Gran Coupe-look, which is high praise.

One interesting design element is its Hofmeister Kink, which is more traditional than that of the G20 3 Series. With the 3 Series and 4 Series Coupe almost abandoning the traditional Kink entirely, this new one should have fans quite pleased.

It also seems to have the same aerodynamic exterior door handles as the BMW i4, which would make sense considering both cars use the same body. It’s hard to tell, due to the camo, but it seems that the 4 Series Gran Coupe will have different door handles than the Coupe. Small, relatively unimportant detail but might be a nice change. The flush door handles also harken back to old-school ’80s and ’90s BMWs.

We’re interested to see the new 4 Series GC, especially now that we’ve driven a suite of the new Coupes. Hopefully, we’ll see the four-door version soon enough.

[Source: Car Scoops]