The BMW M8 Gran Coupe is already one of the brand’s best looking cars. Its low, long, sleek and seductive, with wide hips and muscular haunches. However, just because something looks good, doesn’t mean it can’t be made better. Which is why 3D Design has worked hard, coming up with a visual package to make the already excellent looking M8 Gran Coupe just a bit sexier.

For starters, it gets a new lower front lip, which visually lowers the entire front end of the car, giving it more menace. The same effect is present at the car’s flanks, as its new side skirts continue to visually lower the car, making it look sportier without actually lowering the suspension. At the back, a new rear diffuser houses the quad exhausts, which give the car a more elegant look, actually, sort of like an ALPINA’s rear bumper.

The biggest visual upgrade on the outside, though, is the wheel choice. While the M8 Gran Coupe is a stunning car, all of its bi-color wheel options make it look a bit try-hard. There’s a bit too much boy-racer in its look, due to its wheel design. This cleaner wheel option from 3D Design looks much better than the stock car’s and gives the BMW M8 Gran Coupe a sportier, yet more sophisticated, look.

Inside, the M8 Gran Coupe gets the usual 3D Design treatment. There are aluminum pedals and large, carbon fiber paddle shifters. The latter of which are available in aluminum as well, which is probably the better choice, but the carbon paddles are still far cooler than the stock car’s units.

All of the carbon parts are made from an ultra lightweight dry carbon, so the total weight gain is just 3 kg (6-ish lbs). Most of these parts will also fit the standard 8 Series Gran Coupe, as well. So you don’t need the full-beans M8 to have your 8 Series looking this good.