This generation of ALPINA B3 might be regarded as one of the best in history. It may even be more highly regarded than this generation BMW M3. The G20-gen B3 just seems to be the perfect combination of performance, comfort and style, making it the near-perfect daily driver. In this new video from Shmee150, we get to see the new ALPINA B3 up close and personal.

The new ALPINA B3 is obviously based off of the G20-generation 3 Series but has been given a serious overhaul. For starters, the mighty powerplant under its hood is actually based on the same S58 engine that powers the new M3. ALPINA doesn’t typically use M Division engines but does so in this case and it’s all the better for it. ALPINA is able to work wonders with regular BMW engines, imagine what it can do with M Division engines?

So the 3.0 liter twin-turbocharged I6 makes 462 horsepower and 700 Nm (516 lb-ft) of torque. While that’s about ten fewer horsepower than the standard M3, it’s a helluva lot more torque. So it should be the easier engine to use on an everyday basis, as it will provide more low-down, accessible torque.

It also sounds brilliant, as evidenced in this video. Admittedly, much of that noise could be coming from the speakers but it sounds great nevertheless.

One of the biggest attractions to the ALPINA B3, versus the BMW M3, is its look. The B3 shares the same face as the standard 3 Series, which means it gets sensibly-sized grilles and 3 Series headlights, rather than the M3’s massive snout and 4 Series headlights. Because of its tamer design, the B3 is the far more attractive car, especially when you add its typically beautiful ALPINA touches, such as its gorgeous multi-spoke wheels, front and rear bumpers.

Inside the ALPINA B3, you’re met with a cabin that looks very much like a standard 3 Series but features much nicer leather and trim work. In an ALPINA B7 or XB7, the interior isn’t a massive upgrade because the standard cars on which they’re based are already so good. But the upgrade in a B3 versus a 3 Series is a bigger jump. Also, a small but impactful touch is the addition of new paddle shifters. BMW’s standard paddles are a bit lame and the usual ALPINA button shifters are frustrating small. The B3 seems to have new, much larger paddles which not only look cool but seem far more functional than both the typical BMW and ALPINA units. Let’s hope they stay on all future models.

Check out this video to get a better look at what could be the best version of the BMW 3 Series.