The guys from G-Power are definitely known for their exuberant projects with outrageous levels of power. They have been shoving 5-liter V10 engines in compact BMWs for quite some time now and they are evolving alongside the car industry. Since naturally aspirated engines are no longer a thing, they have moved on to turbocharged ones and one of their more special versions is the G-Power G4M CS Bi-Turbo.

Complicated name, isn’t it? Well, in actuality, this is their take on the rare and agile BMW M4 CS. However, since we’re talking about G-Power here, you already know this is no ordinary ‘wheel swap, boot lid spoiler job’, right? They actually took the S55 engine under the hood up to no less than 600 HP, nibbling at the feet of the F90 M5. How was that possible? The video below offers some insight into how it all works and what they did to make sure nothing gets blown up.

One of the keys to making this possible, according to the tuner, is a bespoke engine software: the so called G-Power-performance software. The extra power extracted from the S55B30 engine is always keeping touch with the oil and water temperatures, and respects all its OE protection and diagnostic functions. But software alone can’t provide those extra gains, so hardware changes were needed too.

The car has hybrid turbos, manufactured in-house by the tuner, allowing the engine to run cooler and therefore gain more boost. Furthermore, the turbine wheel is claimed to be lighter, therefore, allowing for better pedal response throughout the rev range. All that work – among many other changes – allows the G4M CS Bi-Turbo to reach 100 km/h (62 mph) in just 3.7 seconds.

Thanks to the removal of the electronic Vmax limiter, it can also reach up to over 320 km/h (200 mph) according to G-Power.