Now that the BMW M3 and M4 have been revealed, the next exciting car fans are waiting to see is the upcoming 2 Series Coupe. Fan anticipation for the new 2 Series Coupe might actually be up after seeing the M3 and M4, due to their massive departure from typical BMW styling and hefty curb weights. For those eager fans, some new spy video has surfaced, showing off the next-gen 2er Coupe taking some laps at the Nurburgring.

If fans are hoping for a return to form, in terms of BMW’s styling, this car might be it. It seems to be a nice combination of new-school and old-school BMW styling, as it seems to have the smoother body lines of more modern BMWs but also has very muscular rear fenders. The car in question seems to be an M Performance model, likely an M240i — due to its mirrors and exhausts — but not a full-on M2. Yet, it still has the extra thicc rear wheel arches, giving it a proper menacing look.

It looks like a proper BMW on track, too. Turn-in looks sharp and it seems like it handles well. With so much change surrounding the BMW brand as of late; with front-wheel drive sports cars and funky new styling; the 2 Series Coupe might be a breath of fresh air for enthusiasts.

We don’t have any concrete info on the new 2 Series, aside from that it will continue to drive its rear wheels first and will continue to have inline-six engines at the top end of the lineup. So, mechanically, the 2 Series will be the most BMW-like BMW in the portfolio when it debuts. While the same can be said about the current 2 Series, the new one will have the latest in chassis and engine tech, which should make it even better to drive.

Though, we are concerned about weight. We’re not quite sure how the new 4 Series is so heavy, as BMW constantly claims to be using high-tech, lightweight materials in its chassis. Yet, apparently, the 4 Series’ new lightweight materials consist of lead and uranium. So we’re hoping that the 2 Series is able to keep its weight in check. If it can do that, it’s almost guaranteed to be a riot on both road and track.