The BMW i8 was – and still is, if you ask me – a very special model, not just for BMW, but for the industry as a whole. This was a concept brought to life, a car that defied the rules of what’s possible and came out with a design that proved to be timeless so far. It also proved that you can have some of your cake and eat it too, bringing great performance to the table, without ruining the environment.

Unfortunately, the i8 went out of production this year and we will surely miss it. Initially, BMW planned a successor that was even more hardcore but, according to our latest info, that car has been scraped for now. Therefore, if you want a BMW with a carbon-fiber chassis and butterfly doors, the i8 is still your only option. And since you can’t buy a new one, pre-owned models will have to make due.

The guys from Throttle House decided to get one and compare it to a 2021 model. Admittedly, the two cars do share some traits but I think this comparison might be a bit exaggerated. The Polestar 1 is also a hybrid and comes with a bit more power than the BMW, but also a lot more weight. The Polestar is also made using light materials but in this case, they were mostly necessary, to keep the weight down, unlike on the i8.

And the differences are noticeable. The Polestar 1 might be a bit faster in straight line, but when it comes to carving canyons, the lighter i8 wins every time. As for the design, it would be terribly hard for me to choose.

Both cars look good and the i8 has a bigger ‘wow’ factor, electrifying crowds wherever it goes, even to this day. I guess it would come down to personal preference in the end. What would be your pick?