A few weeks ago, BMW documented the last 18 BMW i8 models which were built at the Leipzig plant. Yesterday, the last 18 units of the plug-in hybrid sports car were handed over to their new owners in the BMW Welt in Munich. Each of these last 18 cars were created in close collaboration with their future owners so that truly special combinations would come to life.

The final 18 models were done in a particular paint that had not been used on the i8 before. Therefore, such a task created a number of challenges, as the paint shop had to modified to accustom these demands. To solve these issues, the cars were basically hand painted.

The special BMW i8 Individual models also attracted a lot of curious glances when they were handed over to the BMW Welt in Munich. And that’s hardly a surprise considering they come painted in such extroverted colors, like the Aventurine Red, Austin Yellow, Snapper Rocks Blue, Birch Green, British Racing Green, Le Mans Blue or Sunset Orange.

Apart from the paintwork, the last final BMW i8 models have also been extensively refined, and each vehicle has BMW Individual details in the interior. Extended Alcantara surfaces as well as individualized trim strips highlight the uniqueness of these models.

Since the market launch in 2014, a total of 20,465 BMW i8 models were built at the Leipzig plant, making the exotic hybrid the world’s most successful sports car with electrified drive. The i8 Roadster, built exactly 3,884 times, is much more exclusive than the 16,581 coupes.

For now, BMW has no plans to bring an i8 successor, despite initially having the M Vision Next as the front contender.

[Source: Bimmertoday]