The upcoming G82 BMW M4 is an interesting car. There are many layers to its story, layers that can impact the car’s success or failure. For instance, it sports a controversial grille but good looks everywhere else. It has a great new chassis and powertrain but also weighs far too much. It comes with a manual gearbox and rear-wheel drive but only with the less powerful engine. So it’s going to be the sort of car that we won’t be able to fully judge until well after we drive it. However, until then, this new video from Autogefühl gets you as up close and personal as you’re going to get.

As per usual with Autogefühl, this video gets about as in-depth as one can get. Thomas, the host, will take you through all of the important exterior, interior, powertrain and technology details of the new BMW M4, leaving no worthwhile stone unturned.

The exterior is where he starts and likely where you’d like to start as well. The M4’s new grille is polarizing to say the least, with a design that has divided the entire enthusiast fanbase. Thankfully, the rest of the car’s exterior design is almost unanimously appreciated. Overall, the M4 is a good looking car it just needs a nose job.

Inside, however, the BMW M4 has a good looking, if a bit too safe looking, interior. In Competition-spec, it does get some wild looking seats, though, with carbon fiber-backed buckets. When you spec the eye-catching yellow/blue color scheme, in addition to being incredibly supportive, your seats will certainly be a conversation piece for every one of your passengers.

Under the hood lies a 3.0 liter twin-turbocharged I6 with 480 horsepower in standard-spec and 510 horsepower in Competition spec. Unfortunately, it also weighs as much as a moon. We’re not really sure how BMW made the M3 and M4 so heavy but here we are. The BMW M4 Competition is only about 100 kg or so lighter than the much bigger BMW M8 Competition. So while we fully expect impressive performance, we worry about its dynamics and fun-factor.

Until we get behind the wheel, though, this video is about as close as we’re going to get to it. So check it out.