The guys from Evolve have been hard at work lately, putting together some pretty impressive M3 and M5 builds. Today we’re going to take a look at their F90 M5 which is now seriously upgraded and ready to tackle events such as V-Max 200. In case you didn’t know, these events allow hardcore enthusiasts to test out their tuned cars and see just how fast they can go. The aim here is not to win a drag race against another driver but to see just how far the speedometer can go.

The Evolve crew has become a sort of familiar face at these events and they have been doing some pretty impressive things over time. Last time we checked their runs, the M5 was ‘just’ a Stage 2. This time round, the car got a couple more improvements.

According to a video posted on their Youtube channel, this M5 is now making 900 horsepower, at the wheels. That’s quite a departure from the stock 600 and quite a push for the 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8 under the hood.

The upgrades the car got are pretty impressive too. It now has hybrid GTX 3076T turbos along with a meth-injection system and a custom ECU map, all to make sure things are kept in check and work as they are supposed to. All in all, 900 WHP is something few cars on the planet can claim.

But how does that translate into real-world performance? Well, luckily, the M5 now comes with all-wheel drive and putting the power down is easier.

Even so, the trap speeds recorded in this event are a bit slower than the ones recorded with the car at Stage 2, which we’ve shown you a while back. According to Evolve’s Imran, the weather played a huge part in the proceedings, the 30mph headwind slowing the car down. Either way, breaking the 200 mph barrier was done without breaking a sweat.