The BMW 4 Series Convertible has arrived. After years of teasing and spotting it on public roads, the new drop top from BMW is finally here and it’s exactly what we expected. The same controversial front end brings up a beautifully styled rear fascia and a textile, retracting roof. The BMW 4 Series Convertible was the last hardtop the Bavarians had in their range and now it’s gone.

Whether that will turn out to be a good move or not remains to be seen, as there are pros and cons for both types of retracting roofs. I, for one, prefer textile ones but some enthusiasts feel differently about it. What’s pretty obvious though is that BMW is getting bolder regarding the way it promotes its cars. The huge front fascia is, without a doubt, the main talking point here and it looks like they are all out, supporting it nonetheless.

That’s why edges are the main topic in their promo, because if that new front fascia is anything, it’s definitely edgy. It’s not for everyone and that’s okay, not everyone is adventurous and open to new challenges. And I finally get it too, even though I’m ashamed to admit it took me this long. I love this new approach from BMW, owning up to their choices and going forward boldly.

As for the new 4 Series Convertible, I think it looks really good. The soft top is also something we need to test out but I’m pretty sure there won’t be any issues there, it’s not like this is the first time BMW put out a soft-top convertible. Both the BMW Z4 and 8 Series Convertible have great soft top convertibles. The engine choices are the same as on the Coupe model in most markets and we’re probably going to see a lot of these drop tops on public roads next summer.