The BMW M2 CS is arguably the most sought-after car for a BMW enthusiast today. That’s especially true for “old school” fans of the brand. The reasons are pretty simple: a low weight and compact size, to the power/weight ratio. It’s also the favorite car of the BMW M CEO, as he repeatedly pointed out. But how does it stack up against a proper racing car? How does it stack up against its brother, the BMW M2 CS Racing?

The guys from Sport Auto in Germany decided to find out for themselves. Therefore, they took the two of them out for a test on a track to see how they match up.

I won’t even touch on how lucky they were not only to get the M2 CS to test out but to get the M2 CS Racing as well, at the same time! Looking at the specs of the cars, you’ll soon learn that while they share a lot, there are also plenty of key differences between them.

The M2 CS is a more powerful and lighter version of the M2 Competition. Its engine develops 450 HP and the weight was cut by using various smart choices, like a CFRP roof and many others. It also comes with Michelin Pilot Cup 2 Tires which should come in handy on the track.

The M2 CS Racing is a customer racing car based on the same car. It cuts all excess fat from the car and adds things like a huge wing at the back, a roll-cage and proper racing seats among other things.

What need to be pointed out though is that the engine in the M2 CS Racing can be set up for different racing events using the Balance of Performance structure. In the video below, from what I can make out, it was set to 365 HP which is a considerable disadvantage compared to the regular M2 CS.

However, the Racing model is a lot lighter and comes with proper racing tires. So, which one comes up on top? Watch the video to find out.