While the Nurburgring 24-hour race is set up to take place this weekend, BMW Motorsport is also working on other projects, like The One Man Trailer Show. This new mini-series featuring none other than Martin Tomczyk who plays the role of a talk show host, with a twist. Unlike in traditional late night shows, where guests pop up to the studio, in this case Martin takes his specially prepared trailer to his guests.

Since he has been driving competitively for the most part of his life, this was to be expected. His setup, as far as we can tell, is made up of a BMW X7 and a modified trailer behind it, which doubles as a set for his interviews. In the episode below he talks to the youngsters aiming to take his place in the BMW driver roster, the three musketeers who form the BMW Junior Team. It’s really interesting to see how their perceive themselves and the quest they have embarked on.

The trio will have their biggest challenge yet ahead of them this weekend. They will be entering the Nurburgring 24-hour race and we’re terribly interested to see how Jochen Neerpach’s newest project will develop. After all, he’s the one who invented the BMW Junior Team and he’s the one who created the whole concept. Now, he’s making a comeback and mentoring these kids to get the best best performance possible out of them.

For this interview, Martin also set up a couple of challenges for the youngsters, more along the lines of comedy rather than a proper way to put their skills to the test. These included a few laps aboard a golf cart, trying not to spill water and others. Check it out!