They are finally here in all their glory and the reception of the BMW M3 and M4 is mixed so far. The elephant in the room is, without a doubt, the new set of grilles up front and it’s clear from the beginning that BMW wanted to make a statement. It’s controversial, there’s no way of denying that but does it actually look good in real life?

That’s the question most people are asking themselves right and and for good reason. That’s because modern-day designs have so many different lines, creases and complicated surfaces that it’s hard to capture them on camera and actually understand their cohesiveness. I, for one, have been surprised by the new 4 Series. I’ve had mixed feelings about its design, but after seeing it in person I actually changed my mind. I can’t say it’s the best looking model out there but it’s not ugly either.

The 4 Series somehow works and I’m sure the M3 and M4 will also have a lot of presence when you’re actually in front of them. This is something we all need to experience first-hand so that we can actually make up our minds. The thing is, deliveries will kick off next year and until then we’ll have to make due with photos and videos of the cars. Just like the video below.

In case you haven’t already read our extensive coverage (here and here), the 10-minute video below should put things into perspective as it covers all bases. The video also goes over the M Performance catalogue which brings a host of exclusive parts, some of them unlike anything we’ve seen offered before.

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