Of all the BMWs in the current lineup, it’s the 4 Series that gets the most hate. Thanks to its new, monstrous kidney grille design, the new G32-generation BMW 4 Series is controversial, to say the least. However, if you do like the new 4 Series, or maybe you don’t but your curiosity is piqued, you can now configure your very own 4er on BMW USA’s online configurator.

Admittedly using this configurator doesn’t actually feel new because configuring the 4 Series is almost exactly the same as configuring the 3 Series. The color options are mostly the same, the interior is near identical and the options are mostly the same. The only real difference is that you can see which colors look best with the new face.

Alpine White, the basic color every BMW comes with as-standard, looks the worst. The stark contrast between the flat white paint and the black grilles makes their unusual design stand out even more than they already do. However, there are a couple of colors that work well. For instance, Tanzanite Blue II (which is of course the most expensive option) looks quite good and I’m actually quite fond of Davit Grey. Typically, darker colors like greys and blacks bore me but darker shades are necessary I think for the new 4 Series and Davit Grey is the most interesting.

Also, possibly for the first time ever for me, I don’t like any of the wheel choices for the 4 Series. I feel like we’ve had these exact wheel choices years and they’re getting a bit stale.

Inside, there are no complaints. The cabin of the 4 Series is essentially the same cabin in the 3 Series and it’s a good one. Even if it’s not the most exciting of interiors, it’s handsome enough, built incredibly well and has great ergonomics. All of the usual colors and options are available on the 4 Series and that’s fine. No harm, no foul.

Interestingly, seeing this 4 Series configurator is the first time I’ve ever seen the standard, analog gauges of any G2X product. I’ve only ever tested a 3 Series with the Live Cockpit Professional digital gauges. These analog gauges actually look quite good and I think I’d prefer them over the digital setup.

There really aren’t any surprises here but it’s still interesting to spec your BMW 4 Series, especially the kick-ass M440i, to see if you can get on with that new grille. So if you’re interested, head over to BMWUSA.com and configure your own. Them post you custom 4er here in the comments if you’d like.