The BMW 6 Series GT still exists. I know, shocking, right? Well, it’s not only still here but it also received a massive facelift earlier this year. The car now has more tech than ever, new materials available for the interior and more color choices for the body but also a slightly redrawn exterior design. And yes, not everyone likes the GT but you truly have to experience it to understand it.

I’m one of the people who actually likes the 6 Series GT and I also liked the 5 Series GT before it. They are rare birds in the industry, that’s for sure, but they are also incredibly comfortable, very spacious and luxurious — on par with the 7 Series I might say. Sure, I can see why some consider it ugly but for me that doesn’t really matter, because this car is all about what’s inside, not the looks. Maybe I’m just old school.

The thing is, with the latest update, the 6 Series GT became even more attractive to me. I love its new design and the video below dissects everything about it. From the aforementioned looks, to the choices you get inside and even the technology. The car in the video below is dressed up in Bernina Grey, a new color on the 6 Series GT – one of seven – but which has been on offer on other cars for some time now, especially on the 7 Series facelift. It truly is a sight to behold.

Inside the cabin, the rear seats were already quite accommodating and offered plenty of room but now you can also get some new screens for those sitting back there; bigger ones and with improved control functions. Therefore, if you’re a family man and your kids want to watch something on the road, that’s an easy fix. There’s a lot more to talk about though and you can check the video to see everything that’s new on the 6 Series GT.