Just a few months ago, the BMW 5 Series Facelift entered the stage with a refreshed exterior design, added cabin appeal and a consistent package of technical innovations and novelties. The refreshed  5 Series models boast a significantly revamped visual identity, but it also brings a series of technical updates.

The new BMW 5 Series LCI facelift comes with two plug-in hybrid variants — the BMW 530e and BMW 545e. Both of which will use gasoline engines paired with electric motors. The all-new 545e xDrive borrows its powertrain from the 745e and X5 xDrive45e. 

It is is powered by a 6-cylinder petrol engine that develops a peak output of 210 kW / 286 PS (282 hp). The hybrid architecture also employs an electric motor with a maximum output of 80 kW / 109 PS (108 hp).

The petrol-electric duo brings together the combined output of the plug-in hybrid system to a peak of 290 kW / 394 PS (388 hp). The maximum torque developed reaches a top 600 Nm (442 lb-ft) which is delivered to the BMW xDrive all-wheel drive chassis, thanks to the 8-speed Steptronic transmission.

The new 545e xDrive Sedan is capable of running in purely electric mode between 54 and 57 kilometers (34 – 35 miles) as per WLTP.

Last, but not least, the 545e xDrive comes with the BMW eDrive Zones function as standard. When the system detects the plug-in hybrid 5 Series model enters a designated BMW eDrive zone, it will automatically switch to all-electric running mode.

It’s fair to say that the 545e is one of the best plug-in hybrid on the market. Not only it delivers impressive performance, but it also allows for a decent electric range. If you’re not into SUVs and looking for a fun drive, but with lots of interior and cargo space, then the 545e might be the perfect choice.

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This new BMW 545e PHEV variant will be available solely with xDrive and, for the time being, it will be reserved for the Sedan If you live in the U.S., the BMW 545e will not, unfortunately, be available. BMW of North America hasn’t confirmed any future plans to bring this exciting plug-in hybrid on this side of the pond.

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