For the launch of the new BMW 5 Series facelift, the German carmaker created a unique video to promote the revamped model. Whereas the first videos of the latest models usually focused on the driving experience, for the refreshed 5er, the marketing people chose a different path. A path that focuses more on our personal lives rather than the driving experience.

In this video, we see a kid writing a letter to his father who was mostly missing from his life. And this is an occurrence that happens more often these days than we’d like to admit. Our lifestyles are so fast paced and we’re so focused on our work targets that we sometimes forget about the most important people in our lives.

It’s an interesting take from a car maker. It might be the first such clip made by BMW where the car takes the backseat while the main focus is on other aspects. It particularly peculiar and an important change of pace for a company that abides by the ‘Sheer Driving Experience’ motto.

And yet I love it because it shows a level of maturity and honesty not every car maker reached. We all know the new 5 Series will be a great car and that won’t change if we decide to invest our most important resource – time – in a different way.

Other videos will surely soon follow but the fact that BMW decided to start its marketing efforts with this one shows a clear, different direction than before.

It’s also worth noting that there’s a lesson hidden here, which is that our actions irreversibly affect those around us and we need to be aware of the example we’re setting.

Here is also a video showcasing the differences between the facelift and pre-LCI BMW 5 Series: