While tuners around the world are busy making parts for the new cars arriving on the automotive scene, some are still developing solutions for older models. The guys from Supersprint are the ones responsible for the sound of the car posted below. The market for classic cars, as far as a tuner is concerned, is pretty limited for a number of reasons, so what Supersprint did, deserves a shoutout.

One of the reasons why this market is so limited has to do with the collectable character of the cars involved. You see, classic cars retain their value great and even see increases over long periods of time, if they can meet certain criteria. One of those is to be kept in bone-stock condition. Or, to have even the slightest change done to the car would mean its value would drop. And that’s not good news for the collectors who mainly buy these cars for profit.

Even so, if you truly want to enjoy your car, there are workarounds. In the case of a simple exhaust swap, as long as you keep the original nearby and change it out once you decide to sell the car, you should be safe. You might want to drive your car a bit more, with a different exhaust, but that’s life, full of hard choices. The Supersprint one mounted on this old BMW E12 M535i definitely brings out the voice of the straight six under the hood.

Back in the 1980s, these cars came with straight six mills developed from the iconic M88/1 unit that powered the M1. They sounded really nice and, in the case of the M535i, delivered a hell of a lot of performance for those days. The Supersprint guys are offering a wide array of exhaust systems for this car and you can get a full setup or just parts of it.

There’s a wide array of choices on their website, and not just for the M535i but other versions of the E12 too. Chapeau bas, Supersprint!