When the 2020 BMW X6 first came out, the opinions on its design were split right down the middle. It has become a sort of trademark for BMW models these days, showing how diversified the customer base is. It’s quite a peculiar thing too, as that definitely wasn’t the case some 20 years ago. However, design is what pushes us to make impulse buys a lot more often than we care to admit. And if you absolutely love how a car looks, you’d totally be forgiven for spending your savings on it.

Something tells me that might not be the case with the BMW X6 and the guys from SavageGeese. Just over a minute into this video there’s a strong hint that this might not be the best looking BMW in their books. Leaving looks aside, the car is put through the usual review treatment.

Underneath the car you’ll notice the intelligent chassis and how well streamlined is for more efficiency. We also see how aluminum is used to keep the weight in check. And BMW has gone all the way here. There’s an aluminum subframe on the X6, the braces are made of aluminum as well  and there are even vibration isolators under there to keep the NVH levels nice and low. All those features and many more are what you are paying for when buying a BMW. This is where their craft shows up.

And it shows on the road. Design be damned, this car drives incredibly well for its size and proportions. It picks up speed faster than you think it will and you’ll be in trouble in no time. It can also handle a corner like few such SUVs can and, according to the SavageGeese guys, the M50i X6 can keep up with the X3 M Competition and that’s not an easy thing to do.