There’s a rival gunning for the iconic Land Rover Defender and its name is Ineos Grenadier. It’s shaping up to be quite a capable off-road beast, also thanks to one of the best six-cylinder engines in the world – the BMW B58. The video below talks about the engine and transmission choices available in the Grenadier. The development of the car is still ongoing, but the engineers seem set on buying BMW engines for their new project.

The reason why these particular mills were chosen are varied. On one hand, you get the straight six configuration which means you’ll get a well-balanced powerplant, with smooth power delivery. Then there’s also the reliability factor, the B58 and B57 mill proving their worth in this regard for quite some time now.

BMW B58 Engine 2 830x585

There’s also the fact that BMW’s engines abide even the strictest environmental laws, making them perfect for a small company such as Ineos. Be that as it may, the engines will be tweaked by Magna Steyr, according to the video below, to get some more torque from them from down low.

The 8-speed ZF automatic gearbox, we’ve all grown to love, is the natural choice for this engine. The power will be delivered to the wheels through a transfer case with full-time four-wheel drive. Owners will be able to even go in high and low range as well as manually locking the differential. This is actually starting to look promising, even though the Brits are a bit disappointed that the car won’t be made in the UK but across the channel, in France.