I recently, rather snarkily, wrote these words: “We’ve heard that some people in high places within the ranks of BMW are contemplating whether or not they should consider even thinking about an M3 Touring. That’s about as close as we’re ever going to get to an M3.” However, it very well may be time for me to eat a hefty helping of crow, rather happily I might add, as it turns out that a BMW M3 Touring might finally come to market.

Nothing is officially announced, at least just yet, but a source says that BMW M3 Touring has been greenlit and could come to market after 2023. This is monumental news for BMW fans, as the M3 Touring has been something that every BMW enthusiast has coveted.

Despite the near-constant demand from enthusiasts, BMW has never before made an M3 Touring and has said repeatedly over the years that it has no real plan to do so. Apparently, someone inside of BMW is very persuasive because they’ve allegedly convinced the board to finally greenlight the project.

We don’t have any official confirmation, nor has there been any official statement given by anyone from BMW. However, our source seems to believe so and there’s a real possibility this is true. We very well may finally get the BMW M3 Touring we’ve always wanted.

Rendering by @zer.o.wt

There also couldn’t be a better time for BMW to release an M3 wagon. This new generation of M3 is the most wagon-ready M3 of all time, thanks to its optional all-wheel drive and more high-tech nature. More than ever, the M3 is a fantastic everyday driver, so giving it some extra cargo space makes perfect sense.

Another good reason to finally launch a wagon, if this is true, is the fact that it will likely distract from all of the negative publicity surrounding the M3’s new grille. And in the right ways. BMW offering an M3 wagon would allow fans to easily forgive that new mug.

If this is true, BMW has finally answered the demands of its customers and will finally bring them the car they’ve been begging for. Being that we don’t even have any official confirmation, we of course don’t have any official info on its trim or equipment levels.

So we don’t know which powertrains/drivetrains will be available on the BMW M3 Touring, if it does indeed come to market. However, given what’s available on the sedan, there’s a possibility that you will be able to buy a rear-wheel drive, manual, BMW M3 wagon in the near future… Sorry, I’m back. I fainted for a moment.