BMW M is never going to make an M3 Touring, at least as far as we’ve been told. However, that won’t stop enthusiasts from dreaming, right? In some new renders, we get to take a look at what a G81 BMW M3 Touring might look like if it were actually made. It’s awesome.

For starters, the standard G21 3 Series Touring is a great looking car and one of the best looking wagons on sale. So to give it the extra aggression and excitement of an M3 only makes it even better looking. For instance, the more aggressive rear bumper with quad exhausts works really well with the rear end design. There’s even a render of such an M3 Touring with some tuning bits, like an extra aggressive rear diffuser, a lower suspension and bigger wheels and it looks even cooler.

Sadly, such a car will never come to fruition. BMW has already stated that an M3 Touring is not in any immediate or future plans. We’ve heard that some people in high places within the ranks of BMW are contemplating whether or not they should considering even thinking about an M3 Touring. That’s about as close as we’re ever going to get to an M3.

Which is a real shame, as this new generation of BMW M3 is more fit for a Touring body style than any other generation before it. Imagine this new generation of M3 with a Touring body style for just a moment. It would be a twin-turbocharged I6 S58 with a minimum of 473 horsepower, a six-speed manual and rear-wheel drive with a long room and stowage for five people and luggage. Does a daily driver actually get any better than that? I’m honestly not so sure.

Also, if you’re listening BMW, if you want to flip the script on the new M3’s narrative, which is so dominated by its funky grille, offer it in a wagon body style as well. All grille-related sins will be forgive.

[Source: zer.o.wt]