Evolve Automotive has been tuning their F90 BMW M5 for some time now and they’ve achieved some pretty impressive performance with it. In fact, after all of its tuning — it’s running their Stage 2 tuning package at the moment — it was able to nail 199.5 mph at the last VMax200 event. This time, though, it was Evolve’s goal to break the 200 mph barrier, something that isn’t easy.

In this video, we get to see Evolve’s most recent VMax200 event and just how its BMW M5 gets on. The normal car is brutally fast on its own and is one of the fastest cars I’ve ever driven, of any sort. And even it can’t hit 200 mph when stock. The 200 mph barrier is a tough one to crack, which is why getting a GPS-recorded 199.5 mph is kind of maddening. They were so close but didn’t officially crack 200 mph.

During their first run, they actually hit a recorded 197 mph, which is blisteringly fast but not fast enough. That was with a passenger logging date in the passenger seat, too. So without the passenger, it would probably be a bit quicker. So they changed out the fuel, while still using gasoline and not anything crazy like methanol injection.

After a few more runs, they were actually able to nail a GPS-recorded 200 mph and that was still with a passenger on board. So without the passenger, the BMW M5 would likely hit 202-203 mph. That’s seriously fast in a heavy luxury sedan filled with leather and technology.

It’s also a testament to how strong that 4.4 liter twin-turbocharged V8 is. Not only is it capable of being tuned high enough to break the 200 mph barrier but to basically do so on several consecutive runs without exploding. That’s impressive stuff.

We can only imagine what Evolve is going to do with their M5 next. Stripping some weight out and adding power could help easily get them over 200 mph and it could be very interesting to see.