Just recently, BMW M decided to host a special event at a drive-in theater for customers and fans of the brand. It was an M Town movie night and the drive-in was filled with some of the coolest M cars in history. Customers from different countries brought their cars to the Autokino München Aschheim, in Aschheim, Germany and a few BMW M2 CS customers even attended to take delivery of their new cars, which must have been incredible.

In this new photo gallery, we get to see a lot of the fantastic Bavarian metal that was in attendance in Aschheim. Everything from the brand-new F90 BMW M5 and M8 to the BMW 3.0 CSL to the legendary BMW M1 was on display. Though, I sort of feel bad for anyone who brought their car, hoping to stand out, as the BMW M1 sort of eclipses all things BMW wherever it goes. It’s one of the very greatest cars BMW’s ever built and it pulls attention from every other Bimmer.

Car enthusiasts love meet ups of any kind, as they gather large groups of like-minded car fanatics together and allows them/us to talk about all the nerdy stuff most normal people find boring. It also allows us to see some incredible cars and the interesting things other enthusiasts do to their cars. In an event like the M Town Movie Night, you get to see all sorts of cars, from perfectly restored classics to heavily modified brand-new M cars and everything in between.

Check out this photo gallery to see some of the coolest cars on display at the M Town Movie Night. It’s an event that we wish we could have attended but, unfortunately, couldn’t due to current Covid-19 restrictions. So for any of you that are like us and flat-out couldn’t make it, this photo gallery is the next best thing.

[Photos: Instagram @zbcarphotograph]