There have been a lot of photos, videos and other teasers of the upcoming G80-gen BMW M3 and M4. We’re not done looking at them yet, though, as some new spy video has emerged, showing off the net-gen M3 doing some laps around the Nurburgring. But it also shows the car stationary and up close, so you can get a decent look at it. Admittedly, it’s covered in camouflage but it’s better than nothing.

In this new video, the BMW M3 hits the ‘Ring and gives it some serious hot laps. We can see that it’s an agile car, with quick reflexes and an ability to carry speed through corners. It looks quick, too. But we already knew that it’d be quick and we’ve even seen the M4 driven by a pro-BMW driver from cockpit, so we know that it can handle corners. However, in this video, we get to hear the noise and it sounds good. That S58 engine sounds like a proper BMW inline-six and we’re happy that sound is back.

It also looks good, the new M3. I’m calling it now, the G80 BMW M3 is going it be a very good looking car, aside from that grille. I know, it’s a real elephant in the room, completely distracting you from seeing or hearing anything else about the car. I get it. But if you can look past the grille and see the rest of its design, you’ll be able to appreciate it for what it is. Also, if you look past the grille, you’ll be able to appreciate how good of a car it’s going to be.

Think about this; the BMW M3 will be, at its slowest, a 473 horsepower sedan with rear-wheel drive and six-speed manual. While that’s the slower enthusiast’s model, there will be even faster, higher-performance models at launch, like the 503 horsepower, all-wheel drive M3 Competition. All of which will be built on the new G20 3 Series version of BMW’s CLAR architecture, which has already proven to be excellent. So this new M3 is going to be good. It just might need a nose job.