As we mentioned not long ago, ‘the dumbest automotive channel on all Youtube’ (as it’s nicknamed by Tyler Hoover himself) is now going through another BMW phase. Hoovie decided to get another BMW, as he apparently can’t say no to one and, of course, it needs a bit of TLC. Unlike previous times, when the lowest price would dictate which car Hoovie bought, this time he actually tried to get a nice one and paid a bit more than market value.

His latest acquisition is a 2001 BMW E38 740i. It has just about 80,000 miles and looks rather good. I know 80,000 miles is not exactly a small number but, considering his past cars, it’s actually mint by comparison. It’s also decent for a car that was supposed to be one of the most reliable BMW ever made. There are some issues to be fixed though and, as we’re about to see, working on a 20-year old BMW is not exactly easy.

Now, according to Hoovie’s mechanic, it really shouldn’t be this hard either. Our good man specializes in BMWs and has seen his fair share of engines before. Therefore, his opinion is not just made up but rather was forged by years of working on these cars. So when he says he never had to work this hard on an engine before, I think we’d better listen and just admit that Hoovie is just an unlucky fellow. Him and his cars.

As it turns out, his 740i needs some serious work. Seeing Johnny snap two breaker bars trying to get a pulley to unlock definitely gets the point across. Just watching them struggle is giving me some sort of anxiety. Not to mention that Tyler is bothering Johnny with pesky questions all the time. That man deserves a medal for how calm he deals with all of these issues. Then again, I guess experience does come in handy.