If one was to judge BMW as a brand solely based on Youtube videos, chances are the portrayed image wouldn’t do the Bavarian brand justice. BMWs are enjoyable cars, with great handling and a very good bang/buck ratio. But sometimes, there seems to be an issue with them when it comes to reliability. Tyler from popular YT channel Hoovie’s Garage has shown the deficiencies in a number of BMWs. So far, it looks like he hasn’t learned his lesson yet.

The thing is, as many have pointed out, he generally went for the cheapest BMWs he could find. Predictably, those cars were in no shape or form to be considered ‘well maintained’. There’s a reason why they had such low price tags and, most of the time, he ended up paying more in repairs than he did on the cars themselves. What could you expect from 10-15 year-old cars with high mileage, right?

This time, he went about it a different way. He decided to try once again and with a properly maintained, legendary car. The E38 7 Series is regarded by many as the best 7 Series ever made. From the exterior design to the driving dynamics (for a limousine of this size) and the reliability track record, the E38 7 Series is a legend.

His choice was a 740i which, back then, used to be powered by a 4.4-liter V8 which is basically the grandfather of the modern day N63 units. With only 81,000 miles on the clock, Hoovie hoped this car would rise to the expectations and require minimum investments to get it to perfect shape.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. Upon closer inspection, it turns out the E38 740i needs about $5,500 of work done to it, to get it in good shape. That’s definitely not what anyone expected. Could this mean the end of any attempt from Hoovie to own a BMW? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.