The BMW X7 was dismissed from day one by many car enthusiasts for a couple of reasons. They thought it couldn’t be considered a proper BMW solely because of its size. What they seemed to forget was that, the BMW brand is not only defined by the sportiness of the cars, but also by luxury. And the X7 has the latter in spades.

If you still can’t really figure out what the X7 is, the video below should provide some answers. In the 20th episode of BMW Today, we’re in the company of Piera Kaempf, who is the BMW Head of Product Management for the X7. That means she knows everything there is to know about the car, setting everything straight, in case you have any questions. As for the car itself, think of it as the SUV version of the 7 Series, but with a lot more room inside.

Compared to the 7er, the X7 has seven seats, as standard, something the sedan flagship can’t really match. The best part about those two extra seats is that they are actually usable by adults as I found out during my time with the car.

To make them enjoyable, BMW decided to include a panoramic sunroof as standard on the X7, extending all the way to the third row of seats. Furthermore, the car comes with 5-zone climate control, meaning the rearmost occupants can adjust their own temperature.

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In case you don’t have to carry six other people with you, the seats can be folded, offering huge amounts of storage space. With the third and second rows folded, the X7 offers 2,120 liters of space. Cold numbers like that might not mean a lot but I’ve tested this car and, trust me, you can stuff a lot in there.

The video covers other topics as well about the car and it’s interesting to hear the perspective of the person in charge of the X7 in Munich.