The 2021 BMW M3 and M4 were introduced to the public last week. Even though their unveil is scheduled for September, BMW M is giving us an early look at the new tech in the iconic M3 models. They were even gracious enough to let us track the two M brothers on the Sachsenring, in Saxony, Germany.

But today, we get an even deeper look into the development process of the G80 M3 Sedan and the G82 M4 Coupe. BMW M launches a new video which spans across multiple months, if not years, highlighting the technical wizardry of the two cars.

The footage takes us on the famous Nurburgring race track, one of the most challenging circuits in the world, and home of the BMW Testing Facility. Christian Flessa, Head of Driving Dynamics BMW M, and Peter Schmid, Head of Driving Dynamics Systems BMW M3 / M4, are responsible for this fun video.

Whether control systems, shock absorbers or chassis components, engineers at BMW M have always stay focused on the overall vehicle concept and work tirelessly to refine driving behavior until it meets the desired requirements.

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The engineering due says the latter are always set high. “The BMW M3 was created to offer perfect control and maximum performance in all driving situations, both on the racetrack and in everyday driving,” says Flessa.

Naturally, this requires an extensive test program on public roads and at the BMW Group’s test center in Miramas in the south of France and in Arjeplog in Sweden.

In addition to the Nürburgring, extensive tuning work is also carried out on many other racetracks. All in pursuit of the engineers’ ultimate goal: for the new BMW M3 G80 to be utterly unique in the high-performance saloon class.

Before we let you jump into the video footage, here is a small caveat. In some of the footage, the G80 M3 appears to be “carrying” small kidney grilles. Whether this is an early prototype or simply a great camouflage job, is unknown. But what’s certainly known to us is that the M3 Sedan will have the same size kidney grilles as the new M4 Coupe.

Both cars will be unveiled in September with first sales beginning in early 2021.

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