By now, you’ve probably already seen video of the upcoming F90 BMW M5 CS doing some hot laps on track. In the video, we get to see the hottest M5 in history lapping the most difficult track in the world and making some great noises doing it.

Admittedly, it can be hard to hear the M5 CS at some points, as all you can hear is the pleading of its tires to stop pushing so hard. There are also other cars around it at many points, muddying the airwaves with added engine, exhaust and tires noise of their own. However, when we do get to hear the BMW M5 CS, it sounds very angry. That’s a good thing.

This new BMW M5 CS is going to be a very interesting car. Never before has BMW made a hardcore, more track-oriented 5. Sure, there have been “Competition” models but those are mostly just glorified trim levels. The M5 CS is going to be a significantly different car than the standard M5, if the M3 and M4 CS are anything to go by. So it will be the first-ever track-focused M5 in history.

What’s interesting about that is the fact that we don’t know if that’s a recipe that will work. The entire point of buying an M5 is to get a luxury performance car, something you can flog a back canyon road with but also commute to work in and take the kids to school with, all while being in the lap of luxury. Every M5 in history has been at least a little bit luxurious inside. So will taking interior bits out, replacing everything with lightweight Alcantara and giving it a more stripped-out vibe really work well for the BMW M5 CS?

Honestly, we’re not really sure. Don’t get me wrong, the very existence of a BMW M5 CS is awesome and we can’t wait to drive it. But it will be interesting to see how it actually plays out. The current M5 is nearly faultless, so will making it harder, sharper, stiffer and louder make it better? The car enthusiasts in all of us likely says yes but the customer in many of us might think otherwise. Either way, bring it on.