The current pandemic might keep us all inside and tourism is definitely taking a hit, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t alternatives to the usual way of doing things that can accommodate our needs. Hoping on your motorcycle and going for a road trip might be just what you need to do and, if you don’t own one, you can rent it thanks to BMW Motorrad’s Rent a Ride platform. The Germans announced today that they are planning to expand their operations this year.

The platform has been online for quite some time now. At the moment, there are 89 participating rental partners located in seven countries within it, making it the largest motorcycle rental platform in Europe.

By the end of 2020, BMW Motorrad is planning to reach 100 partners and over 12 countries, a goal that will definitely be hard to reach, considering all the issues the world is facing right now.

The goal is to become the worldwide leader in the segment of motorcycle rental in 2021 and for that, new partners are needed. The Rent a Ride platform will be continuously expanded in the existing markets of Germany, Finland, France, Italy, Norway, Austria and Thailand. Further Rent a Ride stations will be available this year in the USA and four other European markets (Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Romania).

Rent a Ride allows you to virtually reserve a BMW Motorrad motorcycle and, if necessary, even equipment for the trip you want to embark on. You can also book a bike for a quick test ride, in case you’re not sure you’ll purchase the right bike for you. When you pick up your preferred ride, all the functions will be explained by a specialist and then handed over with no hassle.