The BMW M8 Competition is a very angry looking car. Admittedly, it looks much angrier than it actually is to drive but that’s neither here nor there. Despite its very aggressive looks, some owners just might not find it aggressive enough, instead wanting it to should from the rooftops that it is, indeed, an M car.

In this new video from Shmee, we get to see the BMW M8 Competition Coupe get some new M Performance add-ons to make it seem that much more aggressive. For instance, it gets new carbon fiber exterior bits, such as a carbon grille and side skirts, as well as an M Performance car cover. The latter is to make sure you remember what’s underneath the cover in your own garage…

Inside, the BMW M8 gets a new steering wheel cover and shift paddles, which are of course carbon fiber. The shift paddles do look a lot cooler but might just feel like plastic, so I’d have to use them before really commenting on whether or not they’re worth it. The steering wheel looks cooler, though.

Shmee even upgraded his car under the hood. Not in any noticeable way, such as power or performance, but in a visual way. So his M8 now has extended carbon fiber covers, to hide even more of the engine. Depending on your style, that can be very cool. But if you like seeing your engine, even a little bit avoid them.

The BMW M8 Competition is the fastest car the brand currently makes, thanks to its 617 horsepower twin-turbocharged V8. It’s accelerates so absolutely violently, at any speed, that it can genuinely take your breath away. So if you want everyone else around you to know how powerful and expensive it is, these M Performance parts might just be for you.