The BMW M8 Competition could very well be considered the supercar offering of the Bavarian car maker. We’ve seen this car take on certified supercars before and was able to hang with the best of them on a number of occasions.

The fastest of the three body styles on offer is, without a doubt, the M8 Competition Coupe. It’s the lightest and the shortest so it should offer the best experience, which is what we’re here to check out.

The review posted below was filmed before the Coronavirus lockdown, so no need to worry about anyone taking unnecessary risks. The guys from Car Advice traveled to Portimao to check out the new M8 and, by the looks of things, they came back impressed.

For those of you not knowing, the Portimao track in Portugal is a challenging track with plenty of tricky sections. It’s quite technical too and the fact that BMW chose it for the launch of the M8 says a lot.

The M8 is not a light or small car by any means. It’s luxurious and comfortable, but also wants to provide a great sensation behind the wheel. And it looks like is doing that rather well, if we’re to believe the reviewer in the video below. Some tricks help the car out, such as the integral steering or the massive carbon ceramic brakes, which do come into play on the track, which is what they were designed for.

All in all, even lap times against certain rivals show the M8 Competition delivers more performance than you’d expect. When it comes to straight line acceleration, things are even more ridiculous.

It may sound biased, coming from a site that bears the company name in the title but don’t take our word for it, check out the video below for a different opinion.