It’s been a while since BMW introduced their M Performance product range. Back in 2012 we saw the first M Performance automobiles, which were bridging the gap between production series BMWs and M models. In addition we also saw numerous M Performance parts coming to the aftersales market for different BMW model lines. BMW’s strategy was clear: The sales volume for aftermarket parts is huge and BMW wants to have its share of the cake.

One of BMW’s models which is predestined for the M Performance parts is the BMW M2. Although the M2 already comes with a sporty setup as standard, many customers are looking for an even sportier and more precise chassis. Some time ago I had the opportunity to drive a BMW M2 with the height-adjustable coilover suspension and I was immediately addicted to the driving experience.

It felt as if the M2 had a totally different character. The car stuck to the road and the driving dynamics were amazing. I knew what I had to get for my M2.

In cooperation with my local BMW dealership in Landshut, BMW Hubauer (@bmw.hubauer), I am now delighted to give you a step-by-step manual on the installation process for the BMW M2.

Prep The Car

Before the installation of the BMW M Performance suspension for the M2 can start, several activities have to be done to prepare the car. First, the current software version is checked and, if necessary, the latest software version will be installed. Afterwards, the M2 is ready for the removal of the old suspension. This includes disconnecting the vehicle battery and removing the wheels on the front and rear axle.

As soon as the wheels are dismounted, the extensive removal of the standard chassis can begin. This includes the removal of the suspension struts on the front axle, the removal of the shock absorbers on the front and rear axle and the removal of the coil spring on the rear axle. In addition to this, the pendulum support as well as the shock absorber support bearings is dismounted. After all parts of the standard suspension are removed, the second step can start.

Coilover Suspension Install

In the second step, the new M Performance chassis is first unpacked and checked. After all parts have been pre-sorted for the respective axle, the coilover suspension is installed. Once the installation is finished, the height of the M2 is adjusted on the front and rear axle according to BMW’s specifications.

BMW recommends lowering the car by -15 millimeter compared to the standard height of the M2. In addition, a further -5 mm lowering compared to the recommended setting can be realized. The standard BMW’s specifications are also used for the subsequent adjustment of the dampers. Customers who would like to have a different setting can adjust the suspension completely in rebound and compression by using the tools included in the scope of delivery.

After the chassis has been installed and all adjustments have been made, the wheels are now mounted and the battery is connected again for a short functional test.

Using A 3D Wheel Alignment

The next step after the installation consists of an exact measurement of the vehicle on a 3D wheel alignment test bench. All data is recorded and analyzed via a measurement protocol. If necessary, final adjustments and changes to the setup can now be made before a first test drive is carried out by the workshop foreman.

After the first, successful test drive, my M2 is now ready for a thorough check by the expert of the German technical inspection association (TÜV). The TÜV will issue an official certification if the M2 has passed all checks successful. The official certification confirms the safe use of the vehicle on the road and is the basis to register the adjusted setup at the German authorities.

Just Get In And Drive

Finally, the BMW M2 was ready to be handed back to me. Next to the keys I received all documents and protocols alongside the standard parts of the chassis.

Should I Upgrade My BMW M2 Suspension?

The standard BMW M2 is a great car. It’s a well-balanced car and offers great performance in combination with day to day practicality. However, if you once experience a BMW M2 fitted with M Performance parts you are about to discover a totally different car. For me personally, the height-adjustable M Performance coilover suspension was the best upgrade I could get for my M2.