Last week was a sad one for BMW and the world of motorsport as a whole. Living legend Alex Zanardi was rushed to the hospital on Friday after crashing his handbike into oncoming traffic while preparing for an event. He suffered severe head injuries and is now in intensive care. Today, Reuters reports that Pope Francis wrote a letter for the Italian icon, saying his life was and still is a ‘lesson of humanity’.

The letter was handwritten and published in local newspaper Gazzetta dello Sport. “Dear Alessandro, your story is an example of how to succeed in starting again after an unexpected stop,” said the letter. “Through sport, you have taught us how to live life to the full, making disability a lesson of humanity.” That’s incredibly accurate as Zanardi was tested time and time again and he proved that nothing is impossible if you really want it.

Nobody thought he could get back behind the wheel of a race car after he lost his legs in a tragic Formula 1 race in 2001, but not only did he get back, he did it with impressive numbers. Alex also competed in various Paralympic events and even Iron Man challenges, doing it with great success over time. He is a BMW brand ambassador and, just before his crash, confirmed he was going to race behind the wheel of a BMW M6 GT3 at the 2020 Italian GT Championship.

“Thank you for giving strength to those who had lost it. At this painful time, I am close to you, I pray for you and your family,”said the Pope and we can’t but join him in his prayers. At the moment, Zanardi is in stable but serious condition and all outcomes are possible. Let’s just hope this man can provide us with another miracle and make a full comeback once again.