BMW will unveil later this year their latest addition to the M5 family. The new top model, sitting above the M5 Competition, is the BMW M5 CS. Despite the lack of official details, we did learn a few things about the super sporty M5. Firstly, it will follow the recipe of previous CS models, so expect small visual changes around the front fascia, along with special exterior colors and wheels. Secondly, the interior gets a bit sportier than in the M5 Competition, adorned with M5 CS badges as well.

We also expect a new CFRP roof for the new M5 CS to keep the curb weight as low as possible. To further improve the aerodynamic drag on the rear axle, a new carbon fiber spoiler will be installed on the car’s trunk lid. Apart from the this, a set of high-performance ceramic/composite brakes with perforated discs will also be available as an option.

But the real updates will take under the hood. The peak output of the new M5 CS could top around 650 PS (641 hp), compared to the current M5 Competition which stops at 625 PS (617 hp). The torque will come in between 750 or 800 Nm out of the 4.4-liter twin-turbo engine. The increased power is achieved thanks to an EPS tune and better cooling.

Furthermore, the driving experience will be enhanced by a remap of the limited slip differential which will activate better driving dynamics and a lot more fun from the tail.

The 2020 BMW M5 Competition has an MSRP of $110,000 in the United States, so it’s fair to assume that the M5 CS will come in at over $120,000. Just like previous M CS models, BMW is likely to produce only a limited number of units.