What was only a possibility not long ago is becoming certainty. The BMW Junior Team under the supervision of its founder, Jochen Neerpasch, will race for the first time on June 27, on the Nurburgring. The expectations are high and the three youngsters racing in BMW colors definitely have their work cut out. They will start by racing behind the wheel of BMW M240i Racing models, only to move up to M4 GT4 cars when they are ready.

Dan Harper, Max Hese and Neil Verhagen managed to pass their obligatory permit test this Monday, which allows them to race in the Nurburgring Endurance Series on June 27. They are being watched over by Jochen Neerpasch and Dirk Adorf in this endeavor and they will move into their shared house near the Nurburgring by the end of the week. The three will live and, above all, race together for the full season from now on.

“My first experience in the BMW M240i Racing on the Nordschleife was absolutely incredible,” said Verhagen. “When I went out for the first laps on what is by far the most technically demanding circuit I have ever experienced, I just thought ‘wow’. At the same time, however, it was immediately clear to me that this was my new favourite racetrack. On the whole, I am very happy to have the permit in the bag and am really looking forward to the first race.”

Hesse said: “It felt great to finally get back behind the wheel of a race car. We got a lot of laps under our belt and were able to get to know the Nordschleife in both wet and dry conditions. Looking ahead to the race and the weather in the Eifel region, which is often unsettled, that will definitely be very helpful. Generally speaking, I am proud to be able to fly the BMW flag on the racetrack and to be a part of this team.”

Harper is someone else who can hardly wait for his first race outing in the BMW M240i Racing. “After so many months without any races, the test really went rather well. It was fantastic to do the first few laps on the Nordschleife and to get the permit. That was our primary goal – and we achieved it. Next up is the first race which I am very much looking forward to.”

As soon as the juniors have completed enough laps in the M240i Racing, the BMW M4 GT4 will be waiting for them, most likely for the 24-hour Nurburgring race that is set for September. Provided everything goes to plan, they can then look forward to their first race outings in the BMW M6 GT3.