There is one BMW F90 M5 which is starting to gain a cult. This particular M5 belong to the guys from the Youtube channel DSC OFF. That little bundle of joy has been racing some of the fastest cars on the planet right now and impressed us every time.

The tuned, land-rocket, is just incredibly fast for a sedan, a sedan of any shape. But this time around, it is taking on yet another marvel of engineering: the AMG GT63 4-door.

The two are tuned but not to the extent you might think. There’s no ethanol injection, no larger turbos, no hardcore mechanical changes were done to the two cars. Even so, the power they can deliver is absolute mind-bending.

The M5 claims to be capable of delivering 840 HP, thanks to some ECU tinkering and swapping of some upgraded downpipes.

On the other side of this drag race, the AMG model comes with even more power: 940 HP. The 4-liter twin-turbo V8 under the hood of the four-door coupe makes over 600 HP in standard guise but that number is no longer valid.

The AMG GT63 also comes with all-wheel drive so launching these two will be rather easy to do. The biggest difference between the BMW and the Mercedes-AMG though is the weight.

There’s about 150 kilos between the two so that is definitely going to be the main differentiator here. As you’re about to see, the two couldn’t have been closer.

As a matter of fact, the winner would be decided by who set off first in the standing drag races. As for the rolling ones, things were even in this regard too, with each car getting a win.