Today we bring you the first ever video showing the new BMW M2 CS going on a race track. The super sporty M2 CS was driven on the Zolder circuit by the BMW DAVO dealership in Belgium. Since the car has yet to be broken in, the track experience is a bit muted.

First BMW M2 CS driving reviews were scheduled for May, but the COVID-19 pandemic had put those plans on hold. We do expect to test drive the new sports coupe in the next few months.

The new BMW M2 CS will come to complement the already successful M2 Competition. But what sets the M2 CS apart from the M2 Competition are the track-oriented solutions adopted and the output increase for the BMW S55 straight-six engine up to 450 PS / 444 hp.

2020 BMW M2 CS pricing starts at $139,900 in Australia

Furthermore, the BMW M2 CS features a carbon fiber front splitter, a carbon fiber hood with central air vent and a CFRP roof with sandwich structure. The carbon fiber festival continues with the exterior mirror casings, the rear diffuser and the boot-mounted Gurney-style spoiler.

In Europe, prices for the new M2 CS will start at a hefty €95,000. In the US, the BMW M2 CS has an MSRP $83,600 plus $995 Destination. Initially it was rumored that 500 units will be developed for the US market, but we recently learned that the number will be lower than that.

No official confirmation on the exact units figure but a ballpark mentioned between 350 and 400 units. There are around 2,200 units produced globally.