Even though most people are focusing on the design of the 2021 BMW 4 Series Coupe, this new sports coupe is a lot more than just its big grille. The new 4 Series has to rise to every driver’s expectations on the track and for a brand whose slogan is “The Ultimate Driving Machine”, the experience behind the wheel takes the centerstage.

With the new model, BMW took extra care not only to differentiate the new 4er stylistically from the current 3er, but also to make the Coupe drive all that much better. We’ve had the chance to sample a pre-production M440i Coupe last month and you can read our review here.

In the video below we get to hear the BMW head of Development, Klaus Frohlich, talk about the car’s technical side and what makes it such a great ‘driver’s car’. After all, that’s what BMWs are known for. And that’s even truer when it comes to Coupe models which are widely known to be the sportiest choice in the Bavarian car maker’s range.

According to Frohlich, the G22 4 Series Coupe is stiffer, wider and has a lower center of gravity than the 3 Series, despite being 6 mm taller overall. “We took the already extremely sporty 3 Series and added another injection of sharpness to make it even more dynamic. For me, the 4 Series is a very important car. It’s the essence of BMW,” says Frohlich.

Those are big claims but, according to BMW, they are not made in vain.

The new car comes with certain key parts infused in its body and chassis that are meant to stiffen it up, compared to the 3 Series. The new 4 Series also comes with a wider track at the back, offering 23 more millimeters in width.

“A pleasing harmony between chassis and powertrain,” is how Fröhlich described the result. “And the robust body enables very crisp chassis response.” Whether that’s just a claim or not remains to be seen as we get ready to set off and drive the new 4 Series.

We’ll get back to you with our own review of the new star child in Munich. The car goes on sale this October.