The second generation 2021 BMW 4 Series is finally here. After countless leaks that started back in 2019, the bold 4er Coupe brings a daring design which will create a divide in the BMW community. The “classic” crowd, who are still in love with the timeless design of an E30 or E46, will likely be on the side opposing change. But at the same time, a new type of customer has emerged years ago.

This type of customer is looking for flashiness, boldness and most important, a luxurious look even in a mid-range model. So this new customer will embrace the new 4 Series and its oversized kidney grille. Because in the end, it’s really the grille that irks some.

But it’s not all about the kidneys. Up front, the new BMW 4 Series gets squinty headlights, a heavily sculpted hood and a new front bumper design. It’s fair to say that the 4 Series looks far better than anticipated in M Sport trim. The massive air intakes and sportier front bumper of any M Sport model, especially the BMW M440i M Performance model, help to balance out the size of the grilles.

The rest of the new 4 Series is very pretty; its body lines are smooth and crisp, its proportions are spot on, it has muscular rear haunches and its taillights are slender and pretty.

Inside the new 4 Series, you’ll find a cabin very similar to that of a 3 Series, which is no surprise. It’s not a bad thing but it’s not a surprise. There are some little touches here and there that differentiate it from its four-door sibling. For starters, new larger speaker grilles line the inside of the door panels, behind the door pulls. There’s also some slightly new trim on either side of the center console tray and little seatbelt arms that hand seatbelts to front passengers.

Aside from those few things, the new BMW 4 Series is about the same as the 3er on which it’s based. They should also be identical in terms of material and build quality, which means the new 4er will be a wonderfully well-made machine. It might not have a thrilling interior design but it’s certainly not bad.

MSRP pricing is $45,600 for the 2021 BMW 430i Coupe, $47,600 for the 430i xDrive Coupe and $58,500 for the M440i xDrive Coupe. Pricing does not include $995 Destination. The global market launch is set for October 2020.

As always, we put together some wallpapers which can be downloaded below: