We recently had the chance to virtually sit down with the owner of Enthusiast Auto Group — probably the premiere BMW restoration and repair shop in America — Eric Keller. On our Zoom call, Keller took us through what they call the “Super Secret Warehouse #1”, which is filled with a ton of fascinating BMWs, both old and new, almost all of which have interesting stories. In our new video, you can take that tour and see some of the genuinely incredible cars EAG has stashed away.

The virtual tour starts off with an interview, which gives us some insight into how EAG got started, what they do and why people are willing to pay such a high premium for their work. It’s interesting to hear Keller talk about their passion for BMWs and how it all started. But the good stuff is seeing the cars.

Keller walks us through each and every car in the Super Secret Warehouse #1, of which there are many. In the video, you can see some very special metal and not just because the cars are rare or cool but because they almost all seem to have fascinating stories. For instance, the BMW M1 that was owned by Ralph Lauren or the E36 BMW M3 Lightweight that has the inside of its trunk lid signed by a bunch of BMW pro drivers. You can find cool BMWs anywhere but these have stories and histories that make them special even among special cars.


One interesting part of the video is the “Bowling Alley”, as Keller calls it. It’s a long hallway featuring two rows of cars that goes about twenty cars deep. In it, you’ll see about ten different E92 BMW M3 Lime Rock Editions, all in Fire Orange (as the BMW Gods intended) and all in absurdly good condition. There’s also a Japanese-market E34-generation ALPINA B10 4.8 Touring with an automatic transmission and some quirky features you won’t really see on many other ALPINAs.

If you genuinely love BMWs, this video is a must-watch. EAG’s collection of cars is remarkable and the best part is that most of these cars are for sale. So not only can you see some very special cars in this video but, if you have the means, you can reach out and buy one.