One of the most valuable classic Bimmers is the E30 BMW M3. Famous for its DTM-origins, telepathic communication and stratospheric engine, the E30 M3 is easily one of the most beloved BMWs of all time. Because of its legendary status and desirability, it’s worth a lot of money, especially if it’s mostly original. Which is why this specific model from Enthusiast Auto Group is extra special.

The car in this video is an E30 BMW M3 with only around 34,000 miles on it and almost every single component is original. There are minor things replaced, such as a washer fluid bottle, some hoses and a taillight but all the major stuff is the same. However, all of the original parts that were replaced are actually still in the trunk. So there’s a box of hoses, a washer bottle and a taillight in the trunk.

What’s fascinating is the sort decisions that need to be made in the world of car restoration. For instance, there’s a small dent above the passengers side rear taillight, the size of a nickle, which is why the original taillight cracked and needed replacement. However, Eric Keller from EAG is undecided about fixing the dent because doing so might crack the paint in its place, which would require more fixing and make it even less original. So do you fix the dent or keep it as original as possible?

Other than that very small dent, this E30 BMW M3 is a stunning example, one that any enthusiast would be thrilled to own. To be honest, that dent might actually make the car more endearing to a lot of enthusiasts. Because the car isn’t perfect, it can be driven without guilt. If it were a pristine, Concourse-level example, its owner would be too nervous to actually drive it for fear of ruining its perfection. So the dent unlocks the ability to drive it, and drive it hard, which is what makes the E30 BMW M3 so desirable in the first place — its ability to drive.