Of all the modern BMWs, the F80 M3 and F82 M4 are the cars most likely to be modded. Not only do they both take to modding well, with big gains coming relatively easy, but there’s also a massive aftermarket community for both cars. What makes that even better is the fact that with that massive aftermarket community comes a massive used aftermarket part community. To take advantage of that community you can use Modfind.

This nice thing about ModFind is that it’s a car-part marketplace for the enthusiast community. So you know the people selling parts are genuine gear-heads, as are the people buying. What’s more, if you’re trying to sell a part but are having a hard time, you can pay other local enthusiasts to promote your add. It’s an interesting system that should help create growing enthusiast communities.

So let’s take a look at some of the best mods you can find for your F80 M3 or F82 M4 on Modfind.

F80 BMW M3

Brembo Brake Kit

Easily one of the best mods you can do to your car is to upgrade the brakes, especially on a high-performance machine such as a BMW M3. However, if you want to upgrade your brakes from the factory, BMW charges too much. There are buildings cheaper than the carbon ceramic brake package for M cars.

This Brembo brake kit on Modfind is $6,000. While that might sound like a lot, and it is, it’s a lot cheaper than the typically $9,000 that BMW charges for the carbon ceramic kit.

Plus, many customers buy the F80 M3 used and the car may not have the carbon ceramics from the factory. So if you want to upgrade your brakes, this could be a good way to do it.

Meisterschaft Exhaust

While BMW M straight-sixes usually have soundtracks created by the car gods themselves, the F80 M3’s is a bit of a dud. It’s never sounded great and it’s been one of the few consistent complaints about it. Even fans of the car admit that it sounds a bit boring and generic.

So upgrading to a Meisterschaft exhaust might be a good idea. This exhaust system is currently up for sale for $2,700, which isn’t cheap but the sound could be worth it to you. It’s only the back end of the exhaust system, so you don’t have to get rid of any catalytic converters and ruin your emissions.

Morph Auto Carbon Fiber Side Skirts

Side skirts are small additions, physically, but they make a big difference. They visually lower the car, giving it a sportier, more aggressive look. These Morph Auto side skirts not only look good but they’re made from carbon fiber to, ya know, add lightness.

Mainly, they’re for looks and they work, as F80 M3 looks better with them. For $550, they’re also affordable.

Vossen x Work Series VWS-1

There’s nothing like a new set of wheels to massively improve the look of a car. The right wheels can make any car and the wrong ones can brake any car. So if you put a set of nice, Vossen x Work Series VWS-1 wheels on your F82 BMW M4, your car is going to look fantastic.

Especially in the bronze trim seen here. Bronze is a terribly underrated color for wheels and these look good in bronze.

Vorsteiner Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser

Big, exciting diffusers are all the rage nowadays, even if they aren’t actually functional. Slap a big diffuser on a car that is virtually never going to see 150-plus mph and you’re doing nothing, really. Well, except for making it look cool.

Diffusers can drastically improve the look of a car’s rear and and this Vorsteiner carbon fiber unit could do just that for you. It’s not cheap, at $1,275, but neither is an F80 M3 so if you can buy the car, odds are you can pay to upgrade it with good parts.

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