If you’re suffering from a bit of Corona-cabin-fever, we might just have an hour of relief for you in our latest episode of the BMWBLOG Podcast. In this week’s episode, we talk to Scott Villeneuve, co-founder of Limited-Slip Blog, about a variety of topics.

Chief of which, we talk about his own cars, as he currently has some interesting ones and has owned several cool cars. He’s been through a few F80 M3s and he recently just traded one in for a BMW M235i Gran Coupe. That’s right, he went from a proper rear-wheel drive M car to a front-wheel drive “MINI”, as he says. But he did so because he can appreciate what it’s good at and how it fits into his lifestyle. It’s interesting to hear what he has to say about it and the differences between it and the M3 he had prior.

But he doesn’t only own an M235i, nor does he only own BMWs. His other car is a 2015 Audi R8 Competition, a car that I’m personally extremely jealous of. What’s nice is to talk to someone who’s owned BMWs for years and years but isn’t a solo-fanboy. Not only does he own an Audi, one of BMW’s main rivals, but he’s also owned a Porsche 911 and is actively seeking out an AMG Black Series.

We also talk about the current state of electric cars and where they’re heading, as well as whether or not he’d ever own one. Villeneuve is more of a petrol-head than anything, so he won’t own an electric car until he really has to, but he can still appreciate some of the current EVs on the market.

It’s a good episode so check it out and take an hour break from the madness that’s going on in the world. Hopefully we can be that distraction. Until next week.

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Also, check out Scott and the rest of his team at Limited-Slip Blog. They do great work and review cars from the entire industry, not just premium brands.