BMW hasn’t even unwrapped its new F90 M5 LCI just yet, as it’s only just released the standard 5 Series LCI a few days ago, yet it’s already in the works on the next-generation M5. Set to debut in the later half of 2023, the “G60” generation BMW M5 is rumored to be, and most likely will be, the first-ever electrified M5.

According to this new report from Car Magazine, the next-gen M5 will also be the first M car to exclusively be an electrified vehicle. There will be two powertrain variants of the G60 BMW M5; one PHEV (Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle) and one BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle). In English, that means one will be a hybrid and the other will be fully electric, with no gasoline engine of any sort.

The PHEV model is said to use a variant of the hybrid powertrain that we’ll see in the upcoming BMW X8 M, which will give it a V8 engine and electric motors to total around 750 horsepower and 737 lb-ft of torque. Obviously, it will be all-wheel drive.

This report also goes on to say that a fully-electric model will follow the PHEV and should have some pretty impressive specs. Powered by BMW’s Gev V pouch-style batteries and built on BMW’s CLAR-WE electric architecture, the G60 BMW M5 is rumored to get a 135 kWh battery pack and up to 135 kW of charging speed from 400 volt chargers. It’s also said that 800 volt charging is in the mix as well.

Making matters even more exciting is the fact that the G60 M5-electric is said to be power by three 250 kW electric motors; two at the rear axle and one at the front. In plain maths, that’s 750 kW of power, which roughly equates to 1,006 horsepower. Imagine that — Bugatti Veyron levels of power in an all-electric BMW M5? Madness.

All of that monstrous power is claimed to get the G60 M5 from 0-62 mph in 2.9 seconds and also provide a total WLTP-rated range of around 435 miles. BMW showed off an engineering concept called the Power BEV, nicknamed “Lucy“. That was a current 5 Series stuffed with enough motors and battery power to tug planets out of alignment. So we know that the Bavarians are working on this tech as we speak.

There’s a possibility that BMW could leave the door open for another internal combustion engine variant but there’s no word on that yet. However, with BMW M execs consistently talking about the future and potential of electric M models and the timing of the M5, it wouldn’t be surprising if it’s the first-ever, all-electrified BMW M car in history.

[Source: Car Magazine]