In just a couple of days time, we’ll be seeing the facelifted BMW 6 Series GT LCI, a car that not many enthusiasts will be jazzed about but one that’s surprisingly important to BMW. As criticized as the 6er is for its oddball styling, it’s a surprisingly popular vehicle among BMW customers, who find that its practicality justifies its looks. Those customers will be happy to see the newly facelifted model because it’s going to get just a smidge nicer looking.

BMW has offered up some new teaser photos of the 6 Series GT LCI, which show off the car’s new updates. Annoyingly, none of the photos show off  enough ofthe car’s front end, which is the part going to get the biggest changes. There are some photos that show little bits of it, but they’re angled and camo’d in such a way that you can’t see much. Though, I guess that makes sense after all, as BMW is going to keep the most significant changes under wraps until it’s officially revealed.

We know that the new 6 Series GT LCI will get new headlights, the same ones as the new 5 Series LCI, which will look much better than before. Previous spy photos have shown these new headlights off and they give the entire car a sharper, more modern look. The 6er isn’t the prettiest of cars, so the newer lights do help. Sadly, it doesn’t seem as if much else of the exterior is changed, or at least not enough to make a significant impact on its overall styling.

However, it’s likely that we’ll see a couple of interior tweaks that will actually make an impact. For instance, it will almost certainly get BMW’s new Live Cockpit Professional digital gauge cluster, the latest version of iDrive and, hopefully, the new shift lever from more modern Bimmers.  Those are minor tweaks but their impactful ones, as they change the way you interact with the car and, considering the inside is the best part of the 6er, that’s the most important part.

We’ll see the final production version in a couple of days, so if you’re a BMW 6 Series GT customer, just be patient.

[Source: BimmerToday]